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Too Faced – Natural Eyes Shadow Collection

Hello everyone! I have been admiring Too Faced for a while after seeing quite a few other bloggers and you tubers talking about it! Ever since I discovered Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, I truly fell in love with brown and natural shades, especially for my eyes. I feel like I don’t suit proper colours really, […]

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Freestyle Libre

Hello, I'm sure most of you are asking what on earth a Freestyle Libre is, I know I was. But Freestyle is an American company who produces … Read More...

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I haven't written a blog post since August! I haven't got a specific reason, I've just been busy with college and work and … Read More...

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Discovering ‘Fun’!

Hello everyone! I'm back! So here we go! As I'm sure a few of you know from previous posts, I absolutely adore Lush! To those of you that don't know what Lush is, it is a beauty & cosmetics store, but all of their products are fresh and … Read More...

It’s time for a happy little change..

I'm sure a lot of you will have noticed recently that my content has really been lacking, and I don't have an excuse, other than I'm struggling with what to write about. However I know now. I am going to take a little detour, you could say, with … Read More...


Just a Little Spring ELF Haul!

Hello everyone! As a lot of you know I am a massive fan of ELF. And to any of you that don't know, ELF stands for Eyes, Lips and Face. It is an online beauty and cosmetics company. I'm sure a lot of you might not be a fan of buying beauty products … Read More...