Discovering ‘Fun’!

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I’m back! So here we go!

As I’m sure a few of you know from previous posts, I absolutely adore Lush! To those of you that don’t know what Lush is, it is a beauty & cosmetics store, but all of their products are fresh and handmade and smell divine! They also create vegan products and they use tonnes of natural ingredients, which is especially good from people such as me with sensitive skin!

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Anyway, whenever I’ve been in Lush I always tend to end up buying their bath bombs, bath melts or soap! However, after hearing so many people rant and rave over their ‘Fun’ bars, I decided it was time to try!

I picked up a green ‘Fun’ bar in my local store for £5.00. I chose the green over all the other colours for a few reasons: mainly the amazing smell which is lemon & lime and also the fact green is my favourite colour!

With the ‘Fun’ bars you can use them for a range of different things, whether it’s bubble bath, body & hair wash or just to sit and play with it like play-doh while you’re in the bath! I decided I wanted to use mine for as bubble bath just to begin with! Well.. wow, the smell filled my entire bathroom as soon as I started to crumble a little bit of it into the bath under the hot running water, I also loved that you only needed to use a small amount so it will last for ages!

So to any of you who haven’t tried the Lush ‘Fun’ bar, I would definitely recommend it and I cannot wait to try the other colours they have!

In the mean time check them out here!

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