Freestyle Libre


I’m sure most of you are asking what on earth a Freestyle Libre is, I know I was. But Freestyle is an American company who produces technology for Diabetics (I am Type 1 Diabetic). And within the last couple of months they have brought out a new testing kit which doesn’t require diabetics to prick their finger to test their blood glucose 6-8 times a day, instead you have a sensor on your arm, which you change twice a month.

To some people it isn’t that interesting, but to me and a lot of other diabetics I know, this would mean the world. I’ve spent eight and a half years constantly pricking my finger, so to no longer have to do that is something I can not even imagine if I’m completely honest.

So not often will I ask you guys to do something for me, but in this instance please, please, please could you sign this petition, it means a hell of a lot!

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Thank you all!

As always, much love


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