It’s time for a happy little change..

I’m sure a lot of you will have noticed recently that my content has really been lacking, and I don’t have an excuse, other than I’m struggling with what to write about. However I know now.

I am going to take a little detour, you could say, with the way I’m doing things on here. I want to blog and I love blogging as a hobby, nothing more and I’d hate to feel like I have to write, because that’s when something I love doing becomes a chore.

So, this next week I am going to sort out all things about my blog, maybe even change a few things here and there. So next time you read my blog it may look a little different, unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you think) I get bored of very easily so it maybe is time for a change of colour and I want to create my little space on the internet so it really shows my character and personality and I feel like right now, it doesn’t and that doesn’t make me happy.

I really hope you’re all going to like the changes I’ll make and I promise to write next monday, I’m not going to tell you all I’ll write everyday because I won’t, for me with my life that isn’t practical and also the things I chose to write about, I find it difficult to write everyday without it coming repetitive. So my aim as the moment is to write for you guys as well as myself, once a week and be completely happy with that post.

I hope you all understand that and I love you all for reading, it really does make me happy!

So as always, much love,


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