A Little Trip to York.

Hello everyone!

Last week was the college holidays here in the UK. So, since both my Mum and I didn’t have work/college to go to. So we went on a little trip to York City (in Yorkshire also, if you didn’t know). We had a really nice day shopping and I may have spent a bit too much in Lush.. I just can’t help myself it smells to nice! It is torture! But my Lush Haul will be up this time next week so I can show you all.

Anyway since we wanted to be civilised on our trip, we went for afternoon tea. We went to the cutest little cafe I have ever been in! My Grandma found it with one of her friends the last time she went, so my Grandma took me when we went last summer. But this time round, I treated my Mum to tea and cake.

Right, before I show you them, they weren’t just any tea and cake. I had lemon drizzle cake with lemon sorbet and sauce! My Mum had a great chocolate monstrocity with cream and chocolate sauce!

lemon drizzleIt has got to be the best lemon drizzle cake I have EVER had!

chocolate cakeMum’s lovely cake, mmmmm!

Sorry it’s only a short post today, been really busy with college at the moment!

Thank you for reading, much love,


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