Mini High-Street Beauty Haul!


So yesterday, my friend Sophie and I took a little trip into town for top-ups on our basic beauty must haves! However we were expecting it to just take about ten minutes in our local Boots & Superdrug.. so much for that.

Sophie and I went with the intention of getting what we needed and going, as we had plans for the rest of our day! But these items coming up ended up shaping our day, perks of being a female teenager you could say!

We decided we wanted a little girls afternoon in with movies, brownies and face masks! However when we went to pick up a couple of face masks in Bodycare we quite literally got lost in there discovering all these things we had never even paid attention to before!

So here’s what we picked up!


In total I only actually bought six items, three from each store (Boots & Bodycare)


1. Bodycare – Botanical Choice, Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches “Sunflower”


I’ll be honest with you, whenever I’ve heard or read about these I have been a little skeptical, I kind of thought of them as slightly glorified cucumbers I guess (since cucumber slices usually do the trick) but this time I decided I would give them a go. Why not? So I picked this box of four treatments for less than £2. I’ve always been quite conscious of my under eyes (as you will also see from one of my other purchases) if I ever have a bad nights sleep or whatever it always shows instantly the next day! So for those evenings/mornings, hopefully these will do the trick. I guess I’ll soon find out!

2. Bodycare – Beauty Formulas, Renewing Glorious Mud Facial Exfoliator

3. Bodycare – Beauty Formulas, Renewing Glorious Mud Facial Mask


I won’t lie, I absolutely love the packaging on these, don’t know why, I just do, there was a third which was orange and I wanted to buy it just so I had the set of three, but I stopped myself! Anyway, Sophie and I wanted to buy face packs for our little girly afternoon but while we were in the depths of Bodycare, we discovered these by Beauty Formulas which we only 99p each! But I have tried mud facial masks before so I was curious to try this along side the exfoliator!

4. Seventeen – Miracle Matte Pressed Powder in Natural Fair

5. Seventeen – Phwoarr Paint Concealer in Fair

6. Seventeen – Stay Pout Lipstick in Going Steady


I can’t get excited over trying new things with these three, the Miracle Matter Pressed Powder and the Phwoarr Paint are replacing others which I have used but I would genuinely recommend the Phwoarr Paint to anyone, as I said earlier I get pretty self conscious about the darkness under my eyes so I find this real does help as well as my normal concealer, I would also recommend the Pressed Powder but it may just be me but I find powders pretty personal, it takes me a while before I find one I am truly happy with!


And finally my Stay Pout Lipstick, now I think about it I’ve never actually had a Seventeen Lipstick so I am curious to try this out because I’m usually a Mac girl through and through, but I was in desperate need of a nude lipstick and this was my pick-up! So I shall put it through it’s paces and let you know how I get on!


Until next time! I really hope you enjoyed this post and I will put links to Boots and Bodycare below!



Much love,



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